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What Is the Value of My Home?

One of the most important facts to know when placing your home on the market is your home's value. The value, the projected time it would take to sell your home along with suggestions as to what actions can cause our home to sell quicker and for an increased value…are usually on the top of the list for most homeowners looking to sell.

How do you get a really good idea as to the value of your home?

The most successful action to take, in order to determine true market value is to discuss your home's value with a professional Realtor…that is trustworthy, knowledgeable and active within the industry. An experienced and active agent can determine market value by reviewing all of the features and benefits of your home (the subject property) and comparing it to other properties which have recently sold in and around your community. Simply looking at a price per square foot (in the area) is not the answer. It is vital that the correct adjustments are made for the features and benefits which your home features along with adjustments for construction types as well as location differences (golf, lake, preserve, acreage, etc).

Some individuals suggest using website services such as Zillow to determine value. Zillow will give you a general idea of what your home is worth based on what has recently sold in your neighborhood however there are many instances where Zillow has over estimated the value of a property…or has under estimated the value of a home. Zillow can give you an idea of value…but it is not something to utilize to solely determine the listing price for your home.

As an active agent with over 30 years of real estate experience, I am in and out of homes everyday and I do understand market value. Usually I hit value head on…I know how to adjust for features and will always share with you what I believe is the true value for your property. Unlike many agents that simply want "the listing" and tell you what you want to hear…I will always be trustworthy and utilize my experience so you make your decisions of actually facts.

There are plenty of factors that affect your homes market value however if you want an overview of value…please complete the form below. Once you complete the form and send it to us, we will send you a comparable market analysis based on properties that are currently on the market and properties that have recently sold.

After you review it, we would be more than happy to actually preview your home…and offer you a specific price range and market value so you can best plan your move.

If you want to skip the form…and have me personally visit your property in order to determine its specific value all you have to do is call me or send me an e-mail. It would be my pleasure to assist you…and there is never a cost or obligation.

Carl Rizzuto, GRI
Keller Williams Realty