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The marketing completed by Carl Rizzuto and The Carl Rizzuto sales team is second to none. There is not another Real Estate Agent within this market that does more to promote buyer business for the team's seller clients. Carl sells more…because he does more!

Watch Carl on Fox News, CNBC, HGTV, and the Food Network, Lifetime Television as well as many other stations.

This advertising is only the tip of the iceberg…when it comes to the marketing Carl delivers more to his clients than any other real estate agent within your market.

As a team…we cover every base when it comes to marketing…and we invest thousands of dollars EACH MONTH…on the marketing our listings. Carl's Marketing includes:

  • Team Television Advertising on some of the most popular television stations within the area.

  • A substantial Investment in Google Ads (approximately $800.00 to $1200.00 monthly) to increase the traffic to our website in order to secure a substantional number of buyer leads for our seller clients.

  • A substantial investment (approximately $1300.00 to $1500.00 monthly) on a buyer driven website we own and operate known as and This site secures buyer leads for us in St. Lucie, Martin and Palm Beach County…so we can best serve their real estate needs.

  • Internet marketing on this site… We also write and video multiple weekly blogging so we can deliver information to our client base and also drive more traffic to our site; more traffic equates to more transactions.

  • Weekly YouTube posts to the Car Rizzuto YouTube channel (viewable on this web site here)…to also bring more attention to our website and deliver information to our client base.

  • Posted Articles on Real Estate through American Chronicles. As the author of these articles…readers secure important real estate information…and many of them…choose us…to find them the perfect home…or help them sell their property.

  • Advanced promotional marketing systems for our clients listed properties. Unlike most Realtors which use the basic program we use an advanced program for great results.

  • A web-site powered by Fidelity National Financial, Inc. great site.

  • Keller Our Company nationally and internationally.

  • A supplier of 3 million property listings nationwide this affiliations with 125 online newspaper partners and 23,000 advertisers.

  • consistently ranked as the second largest real estate Web-site with more than 4.6 million visitors per month.

  • A real estate search engine with over 6 million visitors monthly.

  • Well known for real estate data information is consistently ranted as leading site for real estate purchasers.

  • the HGTV real estate web site that is the number one source for home-related media content.

  • a web service company that runs the largest Internet access business in the US with 3 million visitors to this real estate site monthly.

  • a Multi-functional site for research and help for buyers looking for property to own.

  • World's largest web based web site; ideal real estate search site.

  • Well known to buyers looking for real estate within our market and other markets. Actually operated and started through the National Association of Realtors. As your Realtor, unlike most agents, I subscribe to an enhanced version of services. This allows me to expose your home with more photos, more positive information about our market and market area, school details and any and all information that any home purchaser would want. The enhanced version helps me to secure additional buyers and lead "hits" on your property compared to the basic system, which most agents utilize. This investment is extremely worthwhile in getting you a strong level of additional exposure.

  • I am a member for usage of this site as it was developed exclusively for international buyer exposure. Your home will be placed on this web-site.

  • and
    I launched a new site for those buyers looking for property in Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties. This site was designed in a way in which I will consistently feed real estate information to any buyer that visits this site in order to keep them within my reach so I can assist them in finding a home with a focus on the sale of your property. This site is exceptional, as it is inter-active with homebuyers and will be in consistent communication with the home purchaser from when they first visit the site until they purchase. As a seller you will benefit greatly from this investment.